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A. E. Fleming Company Distributor of industrial raw materials including pigments, resins and filler materials, specializing in service to the coatings, adhesive, rubber and plastics industry. Aceto Corporation Distributes and markets fine and industrial chemicals used principally in the agricultural, color producing, pharmaceutical and surface coating industries. Addenda Corporation Worldwide supplier of quality rubber and polymer additives including; stabilizers, lubricants and inorganic flame retardants. Advance Scientific and Chemical, Inc. A national distributor of chemicals for manufacturing, research and commercial applications in the food processing, science education, pharmaceutical and lab glassware industries. Alfa Chemicals Distributors of specialty chemicals throughout the UK and Ireland. America West Environmental Supply, Inc. Concrete accelerators, pavement surface management, ice and dust control, agricultural fertilizers and liquid storage. American Chemical & Equipment Company Distribution of abrasives; green lightning or olivine, also zinc, chromates, aluminum, and phosphates. Americhem Sales Distributor of chemicals, oils, and solvents. Amisol Co. Ltd Canadian distributor of cosmetic raw materials, cost effective polymer release agents and structural adhesives. Amtrade International Pty., Ltd Australia. Trading company, involved in the import, warehousing and distribution of raw materials, chemicals and specialty products for life sciences, paper, mining and steel, surface coatings, plastics and a range of industrial applications. Links to principal companies. AMZ Ltd. Distributor of chemical products in Bulgarian market. Anco Chemicals Inc. Specialty chemical distributor of ammonia and anhydrous ammonia based products. Antraco Supplier of chemical raw materials such as antimony trioxide for various kinds of worldwide application. AR Brown Co., Ltd. Industrial and speciality chemical supplier in Japan. Archway Sales Regional Specialty Chemical Distributor serving central US states with paint and coatings additives, personal care chemicals, industrial cleaning, inks, lubricants, oleo chemicals, polymers, pigments, resins, solvents, and other chemicals. Ascot International Distributor of essential oils, agrochemicals, preservatives, organic and inorganic pigments, and personal care products, located in the UK. Ashland Chemical Company Distributor of chemicals and plastics, and a manufacturer of chemical specialty and performance products. Azalea Color Company Industrial specialty chemical distribution services provided to the southeast USA. Azelis A chemical distribution group meeting the different local needs of customers and suppliers across Europe. Biochem Bernburg GmbH International trading company for pharmaceutical raw materials, food and feed ingredients, and commodity industrial chemicals. Germany. Biomedis s.r.l. Distributor of products associated with diagnostics sector of chemical, medical and microbiological analytical laboratories. Brenntag, Inc. A distributor of specialty and industrial chemicals including solvents, acids and lye. British Salt Limited A Cheshire based supplier of pure white salts. Brody Chemical Supplier of commercial chemical products for automotive, floor care, industrial, institutional, and other applications. Bunsen, S.A. On-line catalog for laboratory apparatus manufacturing. Located in Spain. Callington Haven Pty Ltd Producer of specialized chemicals for the aerospace industry. Calstar, Inc. Broker and distribution company in the chemical business. They specialize in raw materials for coatings, resins, pigments, solvents, botanicals, personal care and food grade items. Cancarb Limited An international manufacturer and marketer of medium thermal carbon black. The Cary Company Distributor for suppliers serving a variety of industries. Ceres Chemical Co., Inc. Supplier of active pharmaceutical ingredients, intermediates, and custom manufacture service. Chance & Hunt Limited UK based chemical sales, marketing and distribution business. Changje Trading Co., Ltd. Offers customers worldwide with fine and specialty chemicals. Charkit Chemical Corporation Specialty chemical distributor concentrated in the areas of hydrazine and its derivatives, toluene derivatives, and imaging chemicals, including emulsion and photo processing formulas. Chem Carb (India) Manufacturers of material handling equipment, detergent powder, liquids, phenol, activated calcium carbonate, minerals, mica powder, hydrated lime powder, silica sand, titanium dioxide, caustic soda. Chem-Trend Provider of mold release and die lubricant technologies for the rubber, tire, polyurethane, composites, rotation and die casting industries. Chemetall-Oakite Manufacturer and supplier of specialty chemicals for industrial cleaning, metal finishing, food service sanitation, paint strippers, and process equipment. Chemical and Technical Developments Ltd Manufacturer and supplier of inorganic chemicals including Germanium Tetrachloride, Germanium Dioxide, Niobium Pentoxide, Caesium Carbonate and Caesium Nitrate. Chemical Raw Materials Surplus, off-spec and obsolete chemical raw materials. Chemisphere, Ltd. UK based worldwide chemical distributor specialising in industrial and fine chemicals. The Chemistry Store Serving the hobbyist, student, school and industry with small quantities of raw material chemicals. Providing a personalized e-distribution service to the fine and specialty chemical market. Chemsolv, Inc., An NACD approved chemical distributor headquartered in Roanoke, Virginia. Chestech Ltd. Distributor of photoresists and associated chemicals for the imaging industry. Provides broad distribution, technical support and a service network throughout the UK and Eire, from Warwickshire. ChiroBlock, Ltd. A chemical research and development company offering custom research in the field of medical chemistry and lab-scale synthesis of molecules such as beta amino acids and glycosyl donors. City Chemical LLC Chemical supplier offering a large supply of common and rare organic and inorganic chemicals. Over 15,000 chemical compounds in stock. Clearco Products Manufactures silicones, sealants, lubricants, coatings, adhesives and release agents to your specifications. Coastal Chemical Company Serving the oil and gas drilling, production, processing, refining and petrochemical markets with a product line that includes amines, glycols, fuels, lubricants, oilfield treating chemicals, drilling fluid additives, aluminas, molecular sieves, coolants and heat transfer fluids. Concordia Chemical LLC Distributor of industrial chemicals based in Texas, sourcing from Chinese manufacturers. Product list and showcase. Connell Brothers Company, Ltd. International marketers and distributors of specialty industrial chemicals and minerals in the Pacific Rim. CP Industries Ltd. Development, manufacture and distribution of chemical products for industrial, institutional, commercial and agricultural applications. Crescent Chemical Co., Inc. National distributor of analytical reference standards, Karl Fischer reagents and titrators, biochemicals, electrophoresis consumables and instruments, and fine organic and inorganic chemicals. D.B. Becker Specialty Chemical Distribution catering to the Paint, Ink, Coating and Adhesives Markets DeFOREST Enterprises, Inc. Offers a line of surfactant specialty chemicals for a variety of industries. Disachim Distributor of industrial chemicals, primarily inorganic. Serves as agent for manufacturers. Located in Paris, France. Disosa Chemicals Trading and distribution of chemicals, including caustic soda, for various industries. Specialized chemical storage products are also offered. Dorsett and Jackson, Inc. Providing products for many industries, including paints and coatings, plastics, adhesives and sealants, grease and lubricants, food and cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, printing and rubber from warehouses in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Dow Corning Silicones A global silicones supplier offering products, technology, expertise and services for many applications and industries. Dr. Ehrenstorfer Laboratories Producer of organic reference materials for residue analysis and research purposes worldwide. Digital marketplace for professionals in the catalyst industry, including chemical reactors, petroleum refining, platinum, hydroprocessing, catalytic cracking, petrochemicals. eChem Manufacturer and distributor of a full range of Cognis' additives for plastics and coatings. In the general chemical industries, offers metal soap dispersions, defoamers, a wide range of fatty acids, emulsions and wax dispersions. Eigenmann & Veronelli S.p.A. Distributor and producer of fine chemicals, specialties and performance chemicals. Ergasis Agent and distributor in Greece for specialty chemicals, including leather chemicals, powdered polymers, and chemicals for special effects. Also handles woodworking blades and transfer papers. Eurocontal SA Sell and distribute zinc chloride, zinc salts and other chemicals. FCC Inc. Zhejiang Province company specializing in research, development, manufacturing and trade in refined, clay-related products such as organoclay rheological additives, nanoclay for polymers, bleaching earth, oil drilling mud and cat litter. Fine Chemicals Inc. Supply chain specialists of mission critical fine and specialty chemicals for manufacturers. Distribution facilities are located both in the US and Canada. Includes company profile, and product information sorted by industry applications. Florida Chemical Company, Inc. A primary supplier of d-Limonene, citrus terpenes, cold pressed citrus oils, folded oils, terpene emulsifiers, and water-based fruit and vegetable extracts. Globe Chemicals GmbH International distributor of raw materials, intermediates, chemicals and food products. Grandorth Specialty Chemical Manufacture non-toxic calcium zinc pvc stabilizers, calcium carbonate, and pvc additives for soft and rigid pvc products. Gulf Coast Chemical Corporation Supplier of raw materials, equipment, and technical assistance to the Florida industrial community. Hall Technologies Supplier of raw materials to formulators of chemical compounds. HARIMA Resins, paper chemicals, tall oil products, electronics materials, health Foods, health products, food products. Heartland Supply Company, Inc. Distributor of a full range of food additives, food processing chemicals and specialty chemicals. Hefa Rare Earth Canada Co., Ltd. Specialized supplier and manufacture of a wide variety of rare earth chemicals and minerals. Includes product list, price information, and product knowledge. Hsien Ang Industry Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of chemical materials, such as zinc chloride (ZnCl2), zinc ammonium chloride, active zinc oxide (ZnO, Zinc White) and zinc carbonate (ZnCO3). An ISO 9002 registered firm. Hydrite Chemical U.S. supplier specializing in liquid sulfites and bisulfites, organic toll reactions, and separating and distilling difficult-to-process organic products. Includes information about the "just in time" inventory management and delivery system. Hydrosize Technologies, Inc. A specialty manufacturer of sizings (film formers, or finish) and binders for composites; fiber glass, carbon fiber, and non-wovens. Ideal Chemical A distributor of industrial chemicals, specialty chemicals, and textile care supplies to manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. IHC Chempharm Offers a wide range of nature products from Far East and Brazil for usage in functional foods, nutritional and sports supplements, healthcare preparations, cosmetic applications, pharmaceuticals and raw materials for industrial use. Industrial Chemicals Incorporated Repackaging, storage, blending, contract packaging, contract storage, and chemical logistic services. Integra Chemical Company Supplier of over 1200 different chemicals of varying grades specializing in chemicals that meet the requirements of the USP Monograph and Pharmacopeial Solutions and Reagents. Intek Marine Technology, LLC Supplier of marine industry chemical products. International Chemical Company Metalworking compounds for machining, grinding, cleaning, and rust prevention. International Specialty Chemicals, Inc. A source of fine, intermediates and specialty chemicals. Interstate Chemical Company Chemical supply company offering heat transfer fluids and industrial solvents. Ivy Chiral Chemicals Corporation Manufacturer and supplier of chiral compounds and associated intermediates, focusing on nonracemic BINOL, amino-alcohols, Betti base and their derivatives. Janex S.A. Major supplier of olefin intermediates and the largest independent distributor of speciality alkylates in Europe. Jebsen & Jessen A supplier of Citric Acid Monohydrate and Citric Acid Anhydrous. Jost Chemical Manufacturer of high-purity specialty chemicals. K-Chem, Inc. Distributor of industrial and institutional chemicals for cleaning and maintenance. Kanto Corporation American subsidiary company of Kanto Chemical and supplier of ultra-high purity electronic chemicals, ppt hydrochloric acid, ppt ammonium hydroxide, sulfuric acid, and blends for Semiconductor Industry applications. A manufacturer of reagents in Japan. Kencro Chemicals Kencro is a Canadian owned and operated company servicing the chemical needs of small to large sized businesses since 1988. Kingchamp Petrochemical Co. Ltd. A petrochemical distributor offering a complete range of automotive and industrial lubricants. Hong Kong. Kingway Chemicals Trading Co., Ltd. Importer and exporter located in China supplying inorganic and organic chemicals. KMG Corporation Located in Houston, Texas, KMG Chemicals, Inc. manufactures, markets and distributes specialty chemicals to niche market customers in North America and globally. It produces chemicals used for wood preservation and treatment, including pentachlorophenol (penta) and creosote. KPL International Ltd. Distributor of chemicals and polymers in India, with operations in China and Europe. Part of the KCIL group. L.V. Lomas Canadian specialty chemical and related products distribution company. Lakes Enterprises USA. Distributors of commodity industrial chemicals, and specialty cleaning and personal care products. Lehmann & Voss & Co. German trading company and manufacturer of chemical and mineral specialties to industrial customers. Products include chemicals for the polymer and rubber processing industry. Linchem Consultancy Services Ltd. Linchem is a trader and wholesaler of industrial chemicals who offers a complete chemical supply solution to industry. Linhai Yida Trading Co., Ltd. Distributor of a broad range of chemicals in Zheijing, China. Products include basic organic and inorganic chemicals, reagents, coatings, and intermediates, as well as labware and soil sampling equipment. The M.F. Cachat Company A regional technical sales organization focusing on the marketing and distribution of specialty chemical products. Market Actives, LLC Supplier of bittering agent for product poison prevention as an ingestion deterrent. Matrix Marketing Global supplier offering fine chemicals, API's and research chemicals to all industries, trading companies and research organizations. Medical Chemical Corporation Laboratory reagents and stains, soaps, germicides, cold sterilants, alcohols and chemicals for the Medical and Veterinary industries. Merichem Company Merichem produces naphthenic acids and copper naphthenate. Merichem licenses caustic and amine treating technologies used in refining, petrochemical and natural gas industries. MISWA Chemicals Manufacturer and exporter of automotive, brake and clutch fluids, insecticides, and homecare products. Mobile Rosin Oil Company Inc. Proprietary chemical manufacturing serving a growing number of specialized client needs. Our laboratory technicians customize pine chemical products for highly specific industrial applications. Namduck Moolsan Co., Ltd Korean company imports, exports, and distributes a variety of chemical materials, including chloralkali products, solvents, fluorochemicals, monomers, and other feedstocks. National Association of Chemical Distributors - NACD An international association of chemical distributor companies that purchase and take title of chemical products from manufacturers. Nemor do Brasil Specializes in chemical products and processes in connection with surface finishing and protection for multiple industry segments. New Life Chemical and Equipment, Inc. Distributor of surplus chemicals, off-spec chemicals, side streams, surfactants, and soaps. NorFalco Sells and distributes sulfuric acid in North America. Includes corporate profile, information about products and services, management directory, and locations. Oy Celego Ab Distributor for raw materials and fine chemicals for industry, as well as for blood glucose meters for private consumers. Serves Finland, Latvia, and Lithuania. Pao Qun Chemical Co., Ltd. Products include non-stick, industrial, electronic, weather-resistant architectural, and special functional coatings. PDM, Inc. Provides a variety of gum rosins, modified resins and other gum rosin derivatives. Includes technical data and MSDS sheets. Peter Whiting Chemicals, Ltd. Supplies chemicals and food ingredients to a wide range of customers. Pingxiang Chemical Packing Co., Ltd. Manufacturer in China supplying ceramic, metallic and plastic tower packing, tower internals, ceramic balls, molecular sieves and catalysts to the chemical industry. Plastral Pty., Ltd Australia. Importers, stockists and distributors of a wide range of specialty chemicals, plastic sheet products, specialty polymers and hot air welding equipment. Prakash Chemical International Pvt. Ltd. International trading house of chemicals and allied products headquartered in India. Products include industrial chemicals and gases, polymers, pigments and dyes, specialty chemicals, and pharmaceutical intermediates. Pred Materials International Supplier of specialty chemical raw materials for lithium ion batteries, ultra capacitors, ceramics, refractories, and catalysts. Prochimie International Inc. Supplier of a wide range of chemical products provided by global affiliates. Prodotti Gianni S.P.A. Italian supplier offering chemicals and raw materials for animal feed, cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical and veterinary applications. Promy Chemical, LLC Fine chemical sourcing and custom synthesis for the chemical industry. A source of stable isotopes and tritiated compounds, lithium and calcium compounds, amino acids, and specialty gases. PT Lautan Luas Tbk Industrial chemical supplier in Indonesia. The company manufactures a range of primarily inorganic chemicals, and serves as a distributor for a wide range of other products and manufacturers. Qingdao Ouchem Trade Co., Ltd. International chemical trading company in China, dealing in water treatment chemicals and biocides, intermediate chemicals, dyes and pigments, and food additives. Raw Chemical Distribution Suppliers and distributors of raw chemicals, providing a "cradle to grave" service for all bulk industrial chemical waste. Resinall Corporation Resinall is a manufacturer of hydrocarbon, rosin based and specialty resins. These products are used as basic raw materials by a broad range of industries, and are produced at Resinall's production facilities in Severn, North Carolina, and Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Resinas Sintéticas Manufacturer of gum rosin derivatives since 1928 and a global manufacturer of rosin-based derivatives. Richchem International Trading Co., Ltd. Company in Dalian, China, trading in a variety of industrial and agricultural chemicals and minerals. Rollechim S.p.A. Planning and supplying plants and plant equipment for the chemical and petrochemical industry. Rose Chemicals Ltd UK distributor of commodity and specialty chemicals, from laboratory to bulk scale. Ruger Chemical Co., Inc. Distributor for emulsifiers, presearvatives, waxes, oils and many other chemicals. Rydlyme A biodegradable liquid solvent that dissolves water scale, lime, mud and rust deposits. Sea-Land Chemical Company A wide choice of quality chemicals from the leading principals are offered at five strategically located warehouses with state-of-the-art inventory management systems. Secant Chemicals, Inc. Distributor of specialty chemicals and plant antibodies, chemical sourcing, contract manufacturing, import export consultation, hazardous chemical labeling, chemical registration and chemical transportation. Senn Chemicals AG Developer and supplier of pharmaceutical chemicals including boc amino acids, fmoc amino acids, z amino acids, other amino acids derivatives, peptides, carbohydrates, reagents, biochemicals and resins. Shanghai Haodeng Chemical Co., Ltd. Importer and distributor of organic commodities and intermediates in China. Shanghai Nanda Chemical Plant ISO9002 certified producer and supplier of resins, coatings and organic intermediate chemicals for pesticides, antioxidants, solvents, dyestuff additives and other applications Sharda Enterprises Suppliers of aluminium hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, calcium carbonate, calcined china clay, graphite powders, calcined alumina, organoclay gellants and bentonites in India. Soctech S.A. Manufacturer of refined naphthenic acids and their derivatives, dryers and additives for paint varnishes and rubber, stearates, oleates and fuel additives. Solvochem Supplier and manufacturer of chemicals and solvents in bulk quantities. Includes company profile, product list, and contact information. Sparchem Sourcing and buying agents of chemicals, pharmeceuticals and intermediates in Mumbai, India. Spectralab Supplier of analytical and laboratory instruments in India. Swift Australia Chemical Supplier Australian chemical distributor supplying a range of bulk chemicals to major companies. Synthon Chemicals South Africa South African supplier of high purity Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Selenium and Tellurium Chemicals. Tanner Industries, Inc. National chemical distributor of anhydrous ammonia and aqua ammonia by tank cars, tank trucks, cylinders and drums. TARTAN Color & Chemical Inc. A Canadian based chemical distributor exclusively representing several high quality principals to the following industries: Printing Ink, Paint and Coatings, Plastics, Rubber, Adhesives and Paper. Te Winkel en Oomes Third party service provider for storage and distribution of dangerous and hazardous goods in Holland and Europe. Tex Biosciences (P) Limited Leather enzymes, leather auxiliaries and textile auxiliaries. Thermal Fluid Technologies, Inc. Manufacturer of industrial coolants developed for a wide range of industrial and temperature sensitive applications. Thermic Fluid Corporation Markets and distributes heat transfer fluids of Dow Chemical and Dow Corning. Located in Mumbai, India. Trans World Chemicals, Inc Manufactures over 1500 chemical intermediates including isothiocyanates, thioureas, amines, benzyl halides, carboxylic acids, nitriles, and heterocycles. Transammonia Supplier of agrochemicals, liquefied petroleum gas, petrochemicals, methanol, crude oil and oil products. Tri-iso, Inc. Tri-iso is a distributor of specialty chemicals to the coatings, ink, adhesives, sealants, polyurethane, polyurea, lubricants, metalworking fluids and grease markets. Trifine Industries Suppliers of high purity tungsten salts. Trithin Products Limited UK distributor of industrial chemicals, agricultural chemicals, petrochemicals, gases, and refrigerants, offering bulk and branded products. Also provides custom blending, design, and packaging services. Trustchem Co., Ltd. A supplier of chemical intermediates located in China. Tulstar Products, Inc. International import and export chemical sales directory, chemical buyer information, chemical product news. Univar Canada Industrial chemical distributor serving industries including agriculture, compounding, chemical manufacturing, inks, adhesives, food, pharmaceuticals, coatings, oil, gas, and mining. Univar N.V. Distributor of industrial chemicals, polymers, and food ingredients across the United States, Canada and Europe. Univar USA Distributor of industrial chemicals including adhesives, caulks, sealants, paint coatings, inks, HI and I cleaning, cosmetics and personal care chemicals. US Chemical & Plastics Formulation and manufacture of repair, appearance, and maintenance products including a variety of putties, fillers, waxes, compounds, paints, coatings, catalysts and adhesives. VanEyk Expertise in the practical application of biocides to preserve your products and processes. Vivion Incorporated Chemical and ingredient distributor with a focus in the Nutraceutical, Food, Cosmetic, Industrial, and Water Treatment industries. Vopak Supplier of logistics and distribution services to the chemical and oil industry. Walla Walla Environmental Inc. Supplier of paint related products, chemicals and equipment to the corrugated industry. Provides private label and custom packaging service. Wangs Ltd. Pesticides, fertilizer, seeds, animal health products, chemicals and relative machines. Webb Chemical Service Corp. Chemical distributor offering services like blending, contract packaging, customer product research, safety and technical training, warehousing, inventory management and rail terminalization. Zircon Industries Inc. Manufatucrer and supplier of chemical de-icers, ice preventatives and other surface control substances.

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