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Subcategories 25

Career, Specialized and Technical Training 791 Colleges and Universiti­es 25,932 Early Childhood 130 Home Schooling 1,005 K through 12 1,866 Special Education 292
Distance Learning 678 Educationa­l Testing 17 How to Study 21
Alumni Directorie­s 8 Conference­s 0 Directorie­s 61 Educators 127 Employment 63 History of Education 11 Instructio­nal Technology 159 Internatio­nal 930 Issues 291 Journals 35 Methods and Theories 172 News and Media 5 Organizati­ons 163 Products and Services 910 Regional 0 Subjects 21

Related categories 4

Business Business Services Consulting Education 22 Business Education and Training 791 Society Organizations Student 2,101 Society Philosophy Philosophy of Education 26

Other languages 65

Afrikaans 2 Aragonés 1 Azərbaycanca 1 Bahasa Indonesia 104 Bahasa Melayu 47 Bosanski 5 Brezhoneg 12 Català 734 Česky 370 Cymraeg 1 Dansk 728 Deutsch 4,974 Eesti 206 Español 2,991 Euskara 40 Français 3,271 Frysk 1 Føroyskt 3 Gaeilge 1 Galego 88 Gàidhlig 2 Hrvatski 96 Interlingua 3 Íslenska 17 Italiano 1,584 Kurdî 2 Lietuvių 54 Lingua_Latina 0 Magyar 533 Nederlands 1,100 Norsk 322 O'zbekcha 1 Occitan 16 Português 318 Română 217 Sardu 1 Shqip 5 Slovensko 61 Slovensky 53 Srpski 113 Suomi 106 Svenska 492 Tagalog 2 Tatarça 44 Tiếng_Việt 18 Türkçe 3,280 Ελληνική 129 Беларуская 2 Български 217 Македонски 7 Русский 237 Українська 564 Қазақша 1 Հայերեն 67 עברית 137 اردو 3 العربية 132 فارسی 129 हिन्दी 7 ಕನ್ನಡ 0 ไทย 243 日本語 1,553 简体中文 1,588 繁體中文 472 한국어 143
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