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Science Technology Materials Testing Instruments and Supplies 138 These sites are from companies that make, manufacture, distribute or sale primarily lab instruments for material science testing, research or education. This section includes but is not limited to sites that make, manufacture, distribute or sale rheology instruments, viscometers, metal and concrete testing instruments, plastic drying, desiccant, drying, testing instruments for rubber, monomer, polymer, plastic materials, tensile testing, metal testing, metallurgy and various other sundry companies.

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Anton Paar Supplies laboratory instruments for analysis, synthesis and sample preparation, alongside process instrumentation. Atlas Material Testing Solutions Corrosion, weathering testing, flammability testing, and general material testing services. Beaglehole Instruments Fast phase modulated single-beam, spectroscopic and imaging ellipsometers. Bretby Gammatech Ltd Specialist company offers portable instruments to measure ash and moisture content in coal. Capco Test Equipment Ltd Manufacturers of test equipment for concretes, bitumins, asphalts and cements. Clemex Technologies Inc. Offers metallographic sample preparation equipment and supplies. Also a distributor of Leica and Nikon microscopes and supplier of imaging software. Consensor Manufacturer of a sensor that measures the dielectric conductivity of curing concrete. This is directly related to the amount of free water and from this the strength is calculated. Controls s.a.r.l Manufacture test equipment for geotechnical systems, asphalt roads, concrete compression, and non-destructive systems. Includes links to industry technical papers. Cooper Technology Manufacturer specializing in instruments for civil engineering; asphalt, bitumen, concrete, cement, and aggregates. Includes catalogs with online purchase, training programs, resources including video galleries, social media links, global agents with HQ in Derbyshire UK. CSM Instruments Surface characterisation by nano indentation and nano scratch method to determine hardness and adhesion of coating. DFD Instruments Precision adhesion test equipment, pull off testing equipment for paints, coatings, thermal sprayed coatings and concrete materials in accordance with ISO 4624, and ASTM C633. Duta Buana Abadi Manufacturer and supplier of civil engineering quality control equipment for the testing of concrete, asphalt, stone and construction materials. Edward Orton Ceramic Foundation Materials testing, lab instruments, pyrometric instruments, and electronics monitoring for the ceramic and glass industries. Electronic Instrument Research Manufacturer of laser extensometers specifically designed for accurate, non-contact measurement of strain on various materials under tensile or compressive conditions. Elscolab Belgian supplier of materials testing and process control equipment. EMIC Universal testing machines and equipment for building material testing made in Brazil. EOS Technologies Inc. Supplier of testing equipment for surface evaluations, dimensional fit, transparency and transmission ratings. Epsilon Technology Corp. Extensometers for tensile testing and other types of materials testing. Includes COD gages for fracture mechanics, deflectometers and compressometers. Also extensometers for high temperature testing. Expert System Solutions Offers optical equipment for thermal analysis including optical dilatometers, fleximeters, differential thermal analyzers and heating microscopes. F5 Technologie GmbH Developer, manufacturer and distributor of testing equipment for the oil production and petrochemical industries including viscometers, thermal conductivity meters, flow loops, yield stress and pipe restart simulation. Fischer Technology, Inc. Manufacturer of thickness, microhardness, conductivity, ferrite content, and porosity testing and measurement instruments. Formulaction Particle size analysis equipment. Gearing Scientific Ltd. UK Supplier of DMA and thermal conductivity testing systems and services. Geomedia Research & Development Offers a portable seismic property analyzer for non-destructive testing of pavements, bridge decks and samples of solid construction materials. Geotest Instrument Corp. Manufacturer of test equipment for soils, concrete, cement, and asphalt. The Gilson Company Manufactures and distributes a wide range of materials testing equipment worldwide. Glen Mills Inc. Sample preparation equipment. laboratory and production equipment for blending, mixing, milling, size reduction, comminution. High Pressure Diamond Optics, Inc. Manufactures hand assembled scientific instruments called diamond anvil cells. Hot Disk Manufacturer of instruments delivering data on thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and specific heat from single transient measurements. Hysitron Offers stand-alone nanomechanical test instruments as well as instruments capable of interfacing with and using the added capabilities of AFM, SEM and TEM. Image Analysis Systems Image analysis systems for use in toxicology, micro biology and material sciences Industrial Measurement Systems, Inc. Develops specialized test and measurement systems for material properties and automated optical inspection for manufacturing, and quality control applications. Instrument Specialists Incorporated Thermal analysis instrumentation and software including: DSC, TGA, STA (either TGA-DSC or TGA-DTA), TMA, High temperature, dilatometers, supplies and service. Instrumentation for Thermal Analysis Offering thermal analysis instruments such as a dilatometer, DSC, TGA, TGA-FTIR and TGA-MS, simultaneous TGA-DSC/DTA, DMA, thermomechanical analyzers, and others. Interlaken Technology Corporation Manufactures automated, precisely controlled hydraulic testing systems and various precision testers for use in leak testing, hydro forming, warm forming, metal forming, and in laboratory testing of soils and asphalt materials. Provides related services. James Instruments Inc. Manufactures non-destructive testing equipment for concrete, including instruments that test compressive strength, ultrasonic analysis, rebar locators, moisture, maturity, bond strength and corrosion. Jinan Testing Equipment IE Corporation Chinese manufacturer of a range of material testing products. John Godrich Co. Supply, service and support a wide range of industrial and laboratory equipment, specialise in mixers and ovens for any need or application. Kemet Offers metallographic and metallurgical consumables and machines for sample preparation, cutting, mounting, grinding, polishing and cleaning. Kruss Instruments and Laboratory Services Equipment for surface tension, interfacial tension, contact angle, and surface energy measurements on all types of materials. KR√úSS GmbH Offers measuring systems for both static and dynamic surface tension and interfacial tension measurement of liquids, and contact angle and surface energy measurement on solid surfaces. KSV Instruments Ltd Manufacturer of equipment for measuring contact angle, surface tension and surface free energy measurements. Kuka Industries Manufactures and sells material testing equipment, with a broad world wide client base. Kyowa Interface Science Japanese manufacturer of interface science measuring instruments, including contact angle meters, surface tensiometers and friction meters. Laser Comp Thermal conductivity measurement instruments. LaVision GmbH CCD-based camera systems and integrated optical diagnostics systems in the field of fluid dynamics (PIV), spray, combustion, deformation analysis and material science. Linseis Thermal Analysis Manufacturer of dilatometers, and thermal analysis instruments. M.E. Taylor Engineering, Inc. SEMicro Division Manufacturer of the PATTI Adhesion Testers. Test the adhesion strength of paints, ceramics, inks, adhesives, metal spray coatings, and now UV testing as well. Materials Testing Equipment Ltd. Manufacturer and supplier of laboratory testing equipment. Mechatronic Control Systems Manufactures and exports material testing machines, offering a complete line of instruments and calibration services. Also specialises in fabricating, conversion and retrofitting. Micro Photonics Inc. A variety of material testing equipment Netzsch - Thermal Analysis Division Offers a complete line of instruments for research and quality control. NTI - Ion Guns and Electrodes Design and manufacturer of electron and ion guns for surface analysis. Omni Tech Indian company manufacturing a range of manual and digital micro hardness testers, including semi-automatic and full automatic versions, and offering the computerization of any model. Optonor AS Manufacturer of an interferometric microscope for vibration measurements, semistatic deflection measurements and surface profiling. Petrolab Company Distributor of test instrumentation and accessories for vapor, pressure, flashpoint, distillation, and density. Polyplast Equipments & Accessories Manufacturers of laboratory testing equipment including melt flow index, izod impact, vibration, heat deflection and universal testing machines. Mumbai, India Porous Materials, Inc. Designer and manufacturer of custom scientific instruments for characterization of porosity, pore diameter, pore volume, pore surface area, liquid permeability, gas permeability, density and integrity testing. Preiser Scientific, Inc. Provides technical products to coal testing, industrial, educational and research laboratories throughout the world Princeton Research Instruments, Inc Manufacturer of scientific instruments for surface analysis. Projekt Messtechnik Test systems for the investigation of the interaction of materials with humidity. Pulse Instruments Offers a range of equipment for monitoring, testing, measurement and control including water quality testing devices, temperature meters, gas monitors, refractometers and gloss meters. Buy and sell new and used testing asphalt equipment on the network for construction materials technology. Registration required for full use. Qualitest A wide range of testing equipment including roughness and hardness tester, universal testing machine, tensile, compression, fatigue and impact tester, durometer, and scanning electron microscopes. Qualitest International Inc. Manufacturers and suppliers of testing equipment including hardness testers, universal testing machines, metallography, spectroscopy, microscopy, portable testers, and instruments for testing metals and a range of other materials. Quantachrome UK Ltd Material characterisation specialists supplying laboratory testing equipment for pore size, BET surface area and particle size analysis, as well as microscopes and zeta potential probes. Rame-Hart Manufacturer of Surface Science Instrumentation including Contact Angle Goniometers, that provide measurement of the surface properties of liquids and solids. Ray-Ran Test Equipment LTD Polymer test equipment for quality control. The system for raw material evaluation, test sample preparation, and sample and component testing. Reliant Technology LLC Manufacturer of axial and transverse extensometers, COD gages, deflectometers and calibrator stands for the materials testing industry. Also undertakes repair and modification of extensometers. Sci-Tec Inc. Particle size analyzers, process analyzers, sieve analyzers, tolling services, flowability testers Setaram Instrumentation Manufacturer and supplier of thermal analyzers, calorimeters, gas sorption and high pressure mass spectroscopy instruments. Shanta Engineering Manufacturers of a wide range of laboratory testing equipment. SITA Messtechnik Supply and development of tensiometers, devices to measure surface tension, and foam testing equipment. South West Research Institute (SwRI) NASGRO, a software suite that analyzes fatigue crack growth and fracture, perform assessments of structural life, compute stresses, and process and store fatigue crack growth properties. Stable Micro Systems Texture testing for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, leather and medical industries. Software downloads for the TA.XT Texture analyzer. Tecnotest Manufactures building materials testing equipment. [Italy] Tensilkut Engineering Manufactures and sells machines for preparing mechanical test specimens. Thermimport Quality Control Dutch developers and manufacturers of laboratory test equipment and field inspection instruments for coatings, powder coatings and lacquers. Thorn Scientific Services Offers product support for the full range of thermal analysis instruments manufactured by Stanton Redcroft, PL Thermal Sciences, Polymer Laboratories and Rheometric Scientific. Tokisangyo CO, LTD. Manufacturer of viscometers, digital, analog, calibrations equipment and samples. Unit Test Scientific Sdn Bhd Manufacturer in Malaysia of equipment for testing concrete, soil, asphalt and aggregates, and other non-destructive testing products. Universal Testing Machines Manufacturers Provides a list of manufacturers of universal testing machines, hardness testers and similar products. Vecomtech Materials testing equipment, electro-mechanical, and hydraulic testing devices. Versaperm, Ltd. Manufactures tools to measure water vapour transmission rates and sample testing of plastics films, coatings and building substances. Includes a brief company history and applications of products. Located in Sittingbourne, UK.
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